Spectrum is committed to providing our customers with the finest quality foods to help sustain a healthy lifestyle, and to doing all we can to provide for the sustainability of our planet.

We are vigilant about the sourcing, production, and packaging of our products – with the goal of treating the earth gently, leaving as small a footprint as possible, and sustaining resources for the future.

Our products reflect our dedication to this goal:

      • Selected Spectrum Products are Certified USDA Organic
      • Selected Spectrum Products are Non-GMO Project Verified
      • Selected Spectrum Products are Kosher OU
      • Selected Spectrum Products are Certified Fair Trade
      • Spectrum Organic Palm Oil Products are Certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
      • Spectrum sources its Organic flaxseed from North American farmers
      • Spectrum Fish Oils are sustainably sourced and impeccably produced according to the strictest, safest purity standards:
        1. Our fish oil comes from non-threatened fish species which are wild-caught and harvested through sustainable fishing practices.
        2. Our fish oil is purity tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure that contaminant levels are below California Proposition 65 and the European Union defined limits.
        3. Our fish oil conforms to standards set by GOED Omega-3 (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3)
      • Spectrum packaging uses recycled material where applicable:
        1. Cooking oils packaged in glass
        2. Flax oils packaged in PETE containers
        3. Fish oils, softgels, supplements, and health & beauty coconut oil packaged in HDPE plastic

Spectrum is proud of our efforts to sustain and maintain the well-being of our customers and our environment. We hope you share our commitment to keeping our world a greener place.