Spectrum® started over twenty years ago with the purpose of making premium quality oils available to the American public. The Spectrum® brand line of culinary oils and vinegars includes more than 30 varieties of seed, nut and plant oils including coconut oil, as well as a variety of vinegars, mayonnaise products, cooking sprays and trans fat free shortening, most of which are organic.

The following Spectrum® International Oils have received the Gold Medal Award of Excellence recognition by the American Masters of Taste!

Spectrum® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This estate-grown Arbequina Olive Oil makes the most of this prized fruit—complex nuances, fruity aromas and nutty flavors with a smoothly serene finish.

Spectrum® Organic Extra Virgin Mediterranean Olive Oil – We cull Mediterranean olives from our long-standing partners for this full-bodied, all-purpose olive oil. This is a perfect everyday use olive oil.

Spectrum® Organic Canola Oil – This oil has a medium- high ‘smoke point’ making it ideal for sautéing at medium-high heat or, because of its neutral flavor, for baking

Spectrum® High Heat Safflower Oil – This oil contributes monounsaturated fatty acids that can really take the heat. Great for frying.

Spectrum® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – This oil is best for sautéing at medium heat where the oil’s full flavor is intended as an integral part of the finished dish or, because of its unique flavor, for baking.

Spectrum® Organic All Vegetable Shortening – Made with organic palm oil, Spectrum Organic Shortening is non-hydrogenated making it an excellent alternative to traditional shortening for flaky crusts and crispy fries.

The Masters of Taste of the Chefs In America Awards Foundation have judged foodservice and retail products since 1989. The triple blind judgings by prestigious chefs lead to Gold Medal endorsements.

A national panel of executive chefs evaluates each product based on many attributes. Products are judged on taste, appearance, character, and incorporated into dishes in real kitchen settings.