Spectrum Sundays™


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In today’s super-fast, 24/7-busy world, dedicated family time is hard to come by.

That’s why Spectrum created Spectrum Sundays™ – a designated day each week when we hope you and your family will take the time to share a nutritious meal and, of course, each other’s company.

More than one day a week is even better – but Spectrum Sundays is a great place to start!

Research shows that kids who share meals with their families may benefit nutritionally, socially and even academically. According to experts:*

  • Children are 35% less likely to have an eating disorder
  • 24% more likely to eat healthier foods
  • 12% less likely to be overweight because of shared family mealtimes.

Spectrum Sundays don’t have to be limited to meals. Sharing a fun family activity – hiking, cycling, board games, movie-watching – helps make the day even more special.

When it comes to deciding what to cook, Spectrum has hundreds of recipes right here to help you create delicious, healthy meals!

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*Source for #2: http://www.human.cornell.edu/pam/outreach/upload/Family-Mealtimes-2.pdf