What is the difference between your refined and unrefined coconut oils?

Spectrum actually sells three coconut oils. Two are Spectrum Naturals Organic Refined Coconut Oil and Spectrum Naturals Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil (they come in 14 oz glass jars), and are labeled as culinary oils. The other is Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil (comes in a 15oz plastic tub), and is labeled for skin and hair care. Our unrefined coconut oils have a distinct coconut flavor and aroma and the refined coconut oil has a neutral flavor for a greater variety of applications. Our Spectrum Essentials Skin and Hair Coconut Oil is edible.

We did a comparative analysis of several different coconut oils and found that the nutritional benefits (such as caprylic, capric and lauric acids) derived from the refined, unrefined and "virgin" coconut oils have little variance. The term "extra virgin" only applies to olive oil; at present, no authoritative US agency such as the FDA or USDA regulates the use or misuse of the term "Extra Virgin".

Our organic coconut oils are stable at room temperature and have a relatively long shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture. They are an excellent alternative to butter and shortening for sautéing, medium heat baking and frying. You can find Spectrum Naturals Organic Coconut Oils in the cooking oil section and Spectrum Essentials Coconut Oil in the health and beauty section of your natural foods store. If your natural food store does not have the particular Spectrum Coconut Oil you want, ask the grocery manager to special order it for you.