Making the Non-GMO Choice

In an ongoing commitment to the health of both our customers and our planet, the Hain Celestial Group (of which Spectrum is a part) has been an advocate of eliminating the use of GMO ingredients in food products since 2004

The Facts

Non GMO Project Logo

  • GMOs are genetically modified organisms – plants or animals that have been created in laboratories through the use of DNA from bacteria, viruses, or other plants and animals
  • With the long-term health, safety, and environmental risks of GMOs unknown, more than 60 countries – including Australia, Japan, and all the countries of the European Union but excluding the U.S. – restrict or prohibit their production and sale
  • Most consumers (53%) will not purchase products containing GMOs; 91% of Americans demand that GMO products be labeled as such for complete transparency

Our Efforts

  • Hain Celestial endorses the Non-GMO Project (a third-party verifier of foods produced according to the most rigorous practices for GMO avoidance)
  • Our Non-GMO Project-verified foods are produced in complete compliance with the organization’s standards including annual inspections and ongoing testing
  • We source non-GMO ingredients wherever possible
  • 99%+ our food products use non-GMO ingredients
  • We support the labeling of GMO products so that consumers can make informed purchase decisions


* Applies to select products only