California flaxseed plants in full bloom
Organic Farming

Organic farming is, at its heart, the way farming used to be before the 20th century. Organic methods avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, instead using natural means to optimize a crop and nourish the land for future use.

Crop rotations, organic compost, cover crops and companion planting are all traditional methods to maintain soil productivity and nutrients while controlling pests and weeds. These practices protect our water supplies and soil, while protecting us as humans from toxins and chemicals.

The organic movement is a long chain of contribution--from the farmer making the commitment to organic practices, to the manufacturer supporting organic agriculture in their purchasing patterns, to the consumer choosing organic produce and products when shopping at the store. It takes all of us to gain momentum.

The organic movement has taken deeper root in the last decade, something which Spectrum is proud to have been, and will continue to be, a part of. We offer a wide array of organic products and seek to use organic ingredients whenever they are available and meet the high quality standards we demand.

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