Spectrum Essentials® brand has partnered with Vitamin Angels to meet a common goal of helping children get the essential nutrients they need. Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization with a four-star rating by Charity Navigator*, that reduces child mortality by connecting infants and children under five with vital nutrients. Through our partnership with Vitamin Angels we are able to support our mission not just for our consumers, but for the whole world.

It is estimated that 190,000,000 children under five suffer from Vitamin A deficiency1. In 2010 Vitamin Angels reached 22,500,000 children. Spectrum Essentials brand is proud to help Vitamin Angels meet their goal of reaching 100,000 children this year. Vitamin Angel's cost for reaching one child with two high doses of vitamin A is just $0.25 per year.

Spectrum Essentials brand sells high quality Omega-3 supplements for all members of the family. The supplement line includes Fish Oil supplements, Flax Oil, Flax Seed and Chia Seed and Non-Fish Omega-3 DHA fatty acid. Spectrum Essentials Kids omega-3 line of supplements includes Fish Gummies, Kids Omega Mixers, and Fish Free Omega-3 Chewable Soft Gels.

To learn more about Spectrum products, visit www.spectrumorganics.com.

"*A four star rating indicates that 95% of funding goes directly to programs." – A 4-star rating from charity
is defined as 'exceptional: Exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its Cause.' It
isn't directly associated with the % used on programs. Though more than 95% of our expenditures do go to programs.

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